05/26/2021 - thicket - Good Vibes Only!

AO: The Thicket

When: 05/26/2021

QIC: Kodak


Number of Pax: 15

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Von Trapp, Dory, Switchback, Ramsey, Homeland, Ultra, Sugar Mama, Raptor, 2.0 Twitch, Previ, Prada, Hallelujah, Journey, 2.0 Rockstar, Kodak


Saturday was a “Good Vibes Only” kinda day! The sun was shining, birds were singing & we were dancing! Or maybe that was just me?? 🤔 Anyway, everyone brought good vibes along with their A-Game, because out of the 15 Pax that showed up, over half stayed to run/walk our Positive Vibe Virtual 5k! Complete with pineapples at the end!! 🍍😎

But first, the beatdown THANG:

We jumped right into our workout spelling out GOOD VIBES ONLY…22 reps each. Rinse & repeat as necessary.

– Goblet Squat

O – Overhead Press

O – Oblique Twists (sets)

– Deadlifts

V – V ups

I – Inchworms

– Batwings (routine)

– Everest

S – Sit Ups

O – OYO Arms

– Narrow Squats

– LBCs

– “Yeah” song challenge – Glute Bridge/Dying Bug

We made it through 2 rounds before ending a few minutes early to get through COT & NOR. We named Raptor’s 2.0 Twitch for her love of hip hop dance! I get it girl!! 🙌 Right there with ya! 😘

After a brief run through of the 5k route we paired up & took off. Everyone made good time & hopefully had a blast! I know I did!! Thanks ladies for humoring me with my craziness! I love spending my weekends with y’all!! ❤


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