02/02/2022 - lair - Groundhog Day Up and Downs

AO: The Lair

When: 02/02/2022

QIC: Dr. Doolittle


Number of Pax: 8

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

ChooChoo, Spartan, Semper Fi, Chocolate Chip, Goldie, Straight Shooter, Aquamarine, and me Dr. Doolittle


Seven wonderful PAX wandered out on this balmy 42 degree morning to join me for a Groundhog Day beatdown.   Just like the groundhog pops up and goes back down in its hole, our workout incorporated lots of ups and downs :-).
We started with a warmup of arm circles and Michael Phelps, some jumping jacks and toy soldiers in cadence.   Then we went for a jog around the parking lot.

The beatdown started with a song challenge taken from an F3 workout— Tubthumping.  We did imperial walkers and every time they said “I get knocked down” we did a burpee.
Next we began the ups and downs (25 reps of each):

Up- sets of high knees

Down- V-sit crunches/pretzel crunches- you choose 🙂

Up- Jumping jacks

Down- 25 sec plank

Up- bicep curl to OHP

Down- Merkins

Up- lunges (sets)

Down- boat canoes

Up- Randy’s

Down- Bicycles (sets)

Up- Curtsy lunges (sets)

Down- LBCS

Up- Squats/leg lifts

Down- Tricep push-ups

Break- run to the light pole and around the parking lot

We came back to a 2 min wall sit and started the up and downs until it was time to stop.  We got to lunges on the second round.
We finished with stretches, COT and a pic!

Thanks for joining me this morning ladies!


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