09/01/2020 - valley - Hail Mary

AO: The Valley

When: 09/01/2020

QIC: Kodak


Number of Pax: 5

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Mama Bear, Ramsey, Sugar Mama, Fonda, Kodak


Happy Tuesday ladies!! I haven’t seen any football yet so I thought we could play a little Hail Mary with the 4 Pax that joined me today.  In a sauna! Lol…at least that is what it felt like when we were done!!


Warm up – Cadence Kicks, Michael Phelps & arm circles

Round 1 – Arms, Legs, Abs – 45 seconds each exercise.

I started us off by choosing an arm exercise from the list. (Front) Lateral Raises for 45 seconds then passed it to the next Pax (Ramsey)…she chose a leg exercise from the list. Lunges for 45 seconds then she passed it to the next Pax (Mama Bear)…she chose an ab exercise from the list. LBCs for 45 seconds —->*RUN

*Before we ran Pax had to answer yes or no to a Never Have I Ever question between each round of Arms, Legs, Abs. YES had to run a lap around the playground, NO had to do a hill sprint! We got to know each a little better & had some laughs along the way. After a total of 6 or 7 rounds & a song challenge I wanted to try (don’t even ask I can’t even describe it! lol But we had fun doing it…I hope!) We stretched it out some, then it was onto COT & Name O Rama. I am  so glad that I got to spend my brain break with you today!!! It’s just not the same without you guys! >>kissy face emoji<<


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