10/23/2020 - rock - Halloween Hodge Podge

AO: The Rock

When: 10/23/2020

QIC: Straight Shooter


Number of Pax: 4

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Healthy Mama, Tex Mex, Crunchy Roll, Straight Shooter


Tonight we knocked out 3 Bingo squares.   We did several different Halloween themed exercises and I’m not sure I will be able to raise my arms tomorrow or sit down without hurting.  We shall see.  We warmed up with some stretches and butt kicks before jumping in.

Bingo Box 1 – 100 scarecrows – We broke them up into groups of 25 between different groupings of exercises.

Bingo Box 2 – sleepwalkers – These are no joke.  Legs were rubber after.

Bingo Box 3 – Bat Wings – see above about not being able to raise my arms.

We started with 25 scarecrows then moved on to bat wings which consisted of 25 forward arm circles, 25 backward arm circles, 25 seal claps, 25 overhead claps, & 25 hallelujahs without dropping our arms.  Then we did 25 more scarecrows before running a lap.

Next we spelled PUMPKINS with different exercises.  We did 50 seconds on with 10 seconds rest to get ready for the next exercise.

P – peter parkers

U – upright rows

M – monkey humpers

P – plié squats

K – kangaroos

I – in & outs

N – narwhals

S – supermans

We did another set of 25 scarecrows before running another lap.

Next were sleepwalkers.  This starts with 1 squat, 2 toe touches, and 3 walking lunges.  Each round you add 1 squat to your previous number, 2 toes touches, and 3 more walking lunges.  That means the second round was 2 squats, 4 toe touches, and 6 walking lunges.  Next round was 3 squats, 6 toe touches, & 9 walking lunges.  We did all the rounds through 10 squats, 20 toe touches, and 30 walking lunges.

We did our last 25 scarecrows before spelling out PUMPKINS one more time.  We then stretched, COT, and NOR.

Announcements: We are collecting money for Never Alone for Thanksgiving meals for families in need.  If you attend the northern AO’s you can see me and the southern AO’s can see Domino.  Any money is greatly appreciated.  You can give cash, checks made to Never Alone, venmo me at Bridget-Wyatt-2 or paypal me at [email protected]  Last day to collect is November 14th.

Pumpkin Ruck is this Saturday in Ball Ground at 4:30.  Meet at the Burger Bus with your canned goods.  We will ruck and then have some pumpkin decorating afterwards.

Trunk or Treat is this Sunday at 5:00 at Foxtrot.  Sign up to have a trunk or show up with your kids that night for treats and games.


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