06/18/2021 - hideout - Happy Birthday True Crime!

AO: The Hideout

When: 06/18/2021

QIC: Pilgrim


Number of Pax: 15

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Bravo, Bulldawg, Certified, Chef, Fit Chick, Inspector Gadget, Journey, Pilgrim, Prada, Semper Fi, Smokey, Stitch, True Crime, Wonder Woman, ZZZs


On a beautiful spring morning, 15 PAX arrived at the Hideout for a beatdown and to celebrate True Crime’s birthday! We started with a simple warm up: arm circles, Michael Phelps, stretching of the back of the legs by bending at the waist and walking our hands to our feet on each side, Imperial Walkers in cadence rounded it out.

Our workout was a No counting Dora – no numbers since we were only celebrating one for True Crime (50). We partnered up and while one partner completed a lap around the parking lot, the second partner did the exercise listed. When partner one returned, they would switch places. We continued through the entire board of exercises which are listed below.

Bent over rows

Inchworms with push ups

Prisoner squats (RKG)

Shoulder raises – front to lateral

Forward tricep push ups

Triple beasts

Bicep curls – in and out

Reverse flyes

Chest press – EVERYONE loved these – we got to lay down!

Curtsy lunges

Overhead press

Tricep kickbacks

Up down planks

Hammer curl

A shout out to the ladies who all met my challenge during the laps – I would pick someone ahead of me, catch up to them and then challenge them to sprint. Some even sped up before I reached them! Keep challenging yourselves ladies!

We ended with a COT, prayers, names and a few pictures. See the celebration afterwards for True Crime in the additional pictures. The picture of True Crime, myself and Bulldawg are the Respect ladies who were there today.


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