11/28/2019 - foxtrot - Happy Planksgiving

AO: Foxtrot

When: 11/28/2019

QIC: Partly Cloudy


Number of Pax: 10

Number of FNGS: 1

Pax Names:

Wonder Woman, Straight Shooter, Inspector Gadget, FNG (Nicole) M22, Wilson, Chocolate Chip, Choo Choo, Tiny Dancer, Shrinky Dink, Partly Cloudy


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  10 PAX started their day off with a Planksgiving feast, some running, a lot of giggles, and a happy heart.  Everyone was feisty today, which made for great mumble chatter.

We started our warm up with some Ring of Fires.  We all did arm circles while we passed around 2 star jumps.  When we did our star jumps, we had to name something we are thankful for.  Next, we all did Butt Kicks and passed around 2 Burpees.  We had to name a pet peeve that we know will happen today.  Last, we did Hillbillies and passed around 5 jump squats.  We named our favorite Thanksgiving foods while we did our jump squats.

The Thang: Planksgiving

Next up was our main course.  The feast.  5 minute timed Doras.  We partnered up.  One partner runs to the crosswalk and back, the other partner holds a plank.  We did 5, 5-minute rounds.
1. Regular forearm plank

2. Side Plank Left

3. Extended arm plank

4. Side Plank Right

5. Reverse plank

Once we survived the planking, we completed a round of Bat Wings.  25 of the following without putting our arms down.
Arm circles forward, arm circles backward, seal claps, overhead claps, hallelujahs, chicken wings.

Last we finished up our Thanksgiving Beatdown with two Ab Ring of Fires.
LBCs with 5 BGSUs passed around the circle.
Flutter kicks with 5 leg lifts passed around the circle.

We prayed and gave Thanks for this wonderful day and for our health and each other.  We closed with our COT and the naming of our FNG.  Welcome M22!

I wish everyone a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!  I am so thankful for each and every one of you.  You bring happiness to all those around you.  Have a great day!

❤️, ⛅️


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