02/02/2020 - pack - Here We Go Again… Ground Hog Day!!

AO: The Pack

When: 02/02/2020

QIC: Whole Coconut


Number of Pax: 13

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Anchor, Rescue, Killa, Valor, Smooth Operator, Partly Cloudy, Guac, Inspector Gadget, Chinchilla, Chocolate Chip, Honeycrisp, Yellow Tulip


Wow! Sunshine! Smiles! Lots of PAX getting it done! I LOVE SUNDAY RUNDAY!

Okay… so maybe a couple names on the list weren’t technically “at the Den”. If you are a FiA and you rolled outta bed and did a 15k this morning, you get cred!

I gotta say, these women are incredible. Battling the cold for 3+ to 9+ miles is not easy. Especially early on a Sunday when there’s an option to stay home all warm and cozy! And add some weighted rucking for some of our PAX and that’s a whole new level!!

We gathered at 7 and did a photo and COT, giving thanks to God for our blessings and continuing to remember all those requests we’ve had of late.  We started on our usual loop and after daylight, those of us headed for more than 4 hit the road out Owen’s to Curtis for some hills and extra miles!

When we got back to The Den we ended up with a 4-legged friend named Boone for the last 1.5 miles who lost his humans for a bit. A quick call to a number on a tag and some belly rubs for Boone solved that problem and his humans were found! ❤️

Piles of Miles – 85 miles combined!

Anchor + Rescue- 15K!! (Congrats)

Chinchilla- 9

Valor- 8

Inspector Gadget, Chocolate Chip, Yellow Tulip, Whole Coconut- 7 each

Smooth Operator – 6

Guac, Honeycrisp, Partly Cloudy – 4+ Each

Killa – 5K!!

Thank you ladies! You have no idea what a blessing each and every one of you are to me!! I love sharing miles with you!! Keep up to good work!! You are incredible!! ❤️


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