12/23/2019 - union - Holiday Travels

AO: The Union

When: 12/23/2019

QIC: Diggity Dog


Number of Pax: 3

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Wilson, Guac, Twerk


It was a nasty, rainy cold morning at the Union, but 3 PAX showed up and got it done!

We started with some stretching and butt kicks to get us warmed up. Just as we were going to start our Thang, 2 sheriff cars came screeching in towards us! Apparently the motion detectors at the school were going off, and they thought we were up to no good! Thankfully, after we told them who we were, and that we were just there to get our sweat on, they let us be. 😎

So on to our Thang we went..

With all of the peeps that travel over the holidays, I thought it would be fitting to do a “traveling” workout! This meant that every exercise we did would be propelling us forward in a traveling motion.  Here is how it went down.  We would do exercises that spelled out “CHRISTMAS”, and go the length of the awning for each one.  Then run back in the parking lot to get back to the start. This way we were not stepping on each other.  This was planned to be done in the parking lot, where we would have a lot more room. But, since it was so nasty and raining, we decided to do it under cover.  Here is how it went:

C- (bear) crawl

H- (traveling) bunnyhop (hands down and hop both feet together to side)

R- Run

I- (Moving) Inchworms

S- Squat Jumps

T- Turning plank walk (head stays and feet move around, then feet stay and arms Move around)

M- merkin ladder (5 merkins, sprint to cone, 4 merkins, back to start 3 merkins, etc.)

A- Apple turnover (bear crawl, flip to crab walk, flip back to bear crawl)

S- stepback lunges (step back left leg to lunge, then bring right leg back to stand, right leg back to lunge..)

A few minutes in to our Thang, another police officer showed up!  This time it was the County School Police. He said the alarms were still going off, so he would have to do a search of the school.  Everything was good though! After all of the police excitement, we thought it would be fitting to get a picture with a policeman for our Backblast 😂
To end the morning, we did exercises to the song Jingle Bells to get everyone in the mood for Christmas Day.  During the verse, we held a high plank and did toe taps out to the side. During the chorus we jumped to our feet, then dropped to a plank jack, and back up.

Even though we were soaked by the end, it felt good to get out and get our bodies moving.

We circled up, prayed, and did name-o-Rama.

Thank you ladies for joining me! It always makes my day brighter to see your beautiful faces in the morning! Merry Christmas everyone!!


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