01/21/2021 - valley - HUG Tabata

AO: The Valley

When: 01/21/2021

QIC: Kodak


Number of Pax: 7

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Ramsey, Songbird, Kat, Hail, Sugar Momma, Mama Bear, Kodak


It’s National Hugging Day! 🙂  And I wanted so bad to give these six ladies that joined me a big ole hug…but, stupid Covid! Especially since the weather today was rainy & wet! So instead I decided to make them work for a socially distanced hug! We jumped right in with a warm up song challenge – Krazy (Pit Bull) – Seal/JJ & but kickers.


I deconstructed the word HUG to Hips, Upper body & Groundwork…Legs/Arms/Abs…45 second Tabata for each exercise.

Round 1  Squat w front leg raise & Front Lunge/Front Lat Raises & R Gun Show/Bicycles

*!!!!This was about the time a little MOUSE friend tried to join us!! AHH! Thankfully Ramsey’s kids were the lookout because the beatdown was almost canceled y’all!!  I don’t like mice!! Not even the Disney kind!!!

Round 2  Squat w side leg raises & Side Lunges/Side Lat raises &  L Gun show/Russian Twists

Round 3  Squat w back kick & Back lunges/Front Lat raises & R Gun show/45 sec Plank

Round 4  Squat Jumps & Lung Jumps/Side Lat raises & L Gun Show/Penguins

We also did 2 other song challenges thrown in there between rounds somewhere…that mouse got me all kinds of crazy paranoid~lol~ so the order was kinda off…

– Black Widow (Iggy A) – Overhead Claps & Seal Claps

– Yeah (Usher) – Glute Bridge Thrusts & dying bug

COT & NOR while we did some OYO stretches.  Thanks ladies for coming out even in the rain!!! Hope you had as much fun as I did!! 😉  (((Hugs)))




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