07/02/2020 - foxtrot - I See You

AO: Foxtrot

When: 07/02/2020

QIC: Partly Cloudy


Number of Pax: 14

Number of FNGS: 3

Pax Names:

Lucky, Coach, Chai, Choo Choo, She-Ra, Regulator, Charity, Kenya (FNG), Guac, Handspring (FNG), Hot Sauce (FNG), Fancy Boots, Shrinky Dink


What a wonderful way it is to start the day with 14 smiling faces!  We stretched out our stiff muscles and limbs while I gave the disclaimer to our new gals.  Then we warmed up with a fun game of Never Have I Ever.  If yes, we side shuffled left.  If no, we side shuffled right.  This is always the best way to get that heart rate up and our bodies moving.
We learned Guac and I are the only ones to never have owned a cat.  Our two sweet FNG teens have never been camping or broken up with someone – give them time.  Several FiAs have lived abroad!  Everyone has been stung by a bee.  Most of us have quit a job.  And about half of the ladies managed to be born with beautiful teeth and smiles that never required braces.
Our last question was an important one – do you consider yourself a faster runner.
The Thang – See You When I See You

I asked the faster runners to pair up with a slower runner.  Everyone found a partner – yay for even numbers!  Partners set out running opposite directions of the parking lot loop.  When they met on the other side PAX stopped and did 10 squats, 10 monkey humpers, 10 around the worlds, and 10 Raggedy Anns.  Then they ran opposite directions again until they met on the other side.  They stop and do reps again only 9 this time.  We continued this counting down all the way to 1.  Our FNG Handspring had a smile on her face the whole time we ran!
The first ones done held a plank, then did 5 burpees, rinsed and repeated until all teams were done.  Luckily, since I paired faster and slower runners, we all finished close to one another.  We grabbed some water and got started on Thang 2.

Thang 2: Leg Wreckers

We kept our partners.  1 PAX worked on Reps, repeating 2 exercises over and over again.  While the other PAX did Lt. Dan to the cones and back.  Lt. Dan is 1 squat followed by 4 walking lunges, then 2:8, 3:12, 4:16, 5:20.  We did four rounds.  When the partner returned, they switched.

Round 1: 10 Side Extensions, 10 Front Extensions, repeat until partner returns

Round 2: 10 a Big Girl Sit UPS, 10 Russian Twists, repeat until partner returns

Round 3: 10 Bicep Curls, 10 Overhead Presses, repeat until partner returns

Round 4: 10 Bourbons, 10 Leg Lifts

We only made it half way through round 4 before our time was up.
We circled, prayed, and did our Name-O-Rama.  We welcomed 3 new ladies, 1 friend, and 2 daughters into our crew today!  Welcome Kenya, Handspring, and Hot Sauce!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day and doesn’t hate me too much for all of the Lt. Dan!
❤️, 🌤


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