06/13/2020 - foxtrot - If Your Happy And You Know It, Do A Dora

AO: Foxtrot

When: 06/13/2020

QIC: Partly Cloudy


Number of Pax: 9

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Wonder Woman, Charity, Stitches, Shrinky Dink, Yellowstone, Chai, Owlette, Cinderella


9 PAX at Foxtrot for a sunny Saturday morning!  It was great to see some smiling faces that I don’t normally get to see during the week.  And our FNG from the previous Saturday keeps coming back, so we were thankful to have her with us!

We all know I love making the PAX do embarrassing things in the daylight of the park.  So, this Saturday, I had a great warm up planned.  I played the song “If you are happy and know it” and with each verse we had a warm up exercise to do.  There are ONLY 10 verses in the song I picked.  🙂  So we covered the following:

  • Arm Circles
  • Ankle Hops
  • Side Lunges
  • 180 Jumps
  • Star Jumps
  • Hallelujahs
  • Toe Taps
  • Gorilla Swings
  • Squat Pulses
  • Tuck Jumps

Next we ran an Indian Run around the playground to really get our legs going and our heart rate rising.

Then we partnered up and got started on a Dora.

100 Backward Lunges

200 Bicep Curls

300 Squats

400 LBCs

We actually completed the entire Dora.  So, we circled up for a round of Bat Wings and some Ring of Fires.

30 Reps of arm circles forward, arm circles backward, seal claps, overhead claps, scarecrows, and chicken wings, all without dropping our arms.

We completed 2 Rings of Fire with our arms, doing chest press on our mats and passing around 5 laying down overhead tricep extensions.  When we made it all the way around, we switched to chest fly and passed the 5 tricep extensions around again.

Lastly, we did 3 Rings of Fire for our Abs.

We all did Side Crunches and passed around 2 Bourbons.  Next we all did Leg Lifts and passed around 5 Flutter Kicks.  And last we did Vertical Toe Touches and passed around 2 Crunchy Frogs.  We had just a couple minutes left to stretch it out.

Then we circled up for a prayer and our Name-O-Rama and enjoyed a little bit of coffeeteria with each other.  It was a wonderful Saturday and it was so good to chat with Yellowstone, Stitches, Chai, Owlette, and Wonder Woman for a while!  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!


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