01/22/2021 - rock - International Sweatpants Day

AO: The Rock

When: 01/22/2021

QIC: Straight Shooter


Number of Pax: 2

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

TexMex, Straight Shooter


Only one PAX met up with me tonight to celebrate International Sweatpants Day.  I mean who doesn’t want to celebrate sweatpants?  They are so comfy and have been my saving grace this past year while laying around the house.  Calling out my girls from Monday who were going to come but didn’t show.  TexMex and I did some stretching and jumping jacks before jumping into the thing.

We spelled Intl Sweatpants Day.  I needed to get a few more raffles checked off so we started with 5 burpees and 20 plank jacks and then did that between each word (we split sweatpants into two) and finished with one last set to make our 25 burpees and 100 plank jacks.

We ran a lap between Sweat and Pants and ran another at the end.  We had a little time to kill at the end so we did 20 Bourbons (another raffle item checked off) and then finished our Lt Dan (since we only did 5 rounds while spelling out Intl).  We did rounds 6-10 before finishing right on time.  We had a quick prayer with praise for my mom getting over Covid and for the school system going back into in person learning next week.  We were thankful to have the tennis courts/senior center area to work out in while the schools were closed to students but we will be happy to be back in our normal place next week.


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