06/01/2021 - den - It’s June 1!! (6+1=7)

AO: The Den

When: 06/01/2021

QIC: Whole Coconut


Number of Pax: 10

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Mater, Anchor, Smooth Operator, Katniss, Choo Choo, Dr. Doolittle, Forte, Spartan, Megaphone


Welcome to June! It’s a fresh month and a beautiful start after the holiday weekend! 9 PAX rolled out early to get in on the beat down and celebrate the new month ahead! (Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit!!)

The Thang:
We did some arm circles, Michael Phelps, gate swings and stretches to warm up.

We had a circuit of 7 since 6 plus 1 equals 7! We did the reps Every Minute on the Minute and then ran a lap down and around the island and then back to the island nearest the building before stopping (a full loop of our row of parking spaces) We did 3 rounds of the full body circuit plus lap and then 1 round of the Abs circuit plus a lap with much mumble chatter about dead bugs! 😂

Body Circuit:
14 push-ups
21 leg raises (reverse crunch)
14 goblet squats
21 bicep curls
14 sets alternating step back lunges (weights optional)
21 dead lifts
1 minute plank
Then run a full loop down and back the lot (both ends of lot)

Abs Circuit:

15 Dead Bugs

20 Reverse crunches (yep-more!)

25 Russian Twists (yep-sets)

15 Flutter kicks

20 Plank leg raises (sets)

25 Plank jacks

1 minute plank

We closed out with a photo and COT. There was good news to share as Smooth Operator has a beautiful new granddaughter! We prayed for several upcoming surgeries and healing for friends and family members , our FiA sisters who have had loss and who are struggling right now and for the opportunity to be together again soon!

Thanks for joining me ladies! I hope you have a wonderful remainder of the week ahead!



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