07/14/2021 - arena - It’s Your Birthday – Waffle Fry’s VQ

AO: The Arena

When: 07/14/2021

QIC: Waffle Fry


Number of Pax: 10

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Daisy, Hat Trick, Mission, Pilgrim, Ramsey, Rook, Stork, Sunny, Thread, Waffle Fry


Today was Waffle Fry’s VQ and she killed it! For those that missed it, come to her next Q – you will love it! (This is Pilgrim writing – Waffle Fry will learn how to do a back blast soon)

We started with a stretching style warm up before moving onto dynamic and static exercises. Sets and reps were determined by our birthdays. For example, Pilgrim’s birthday is February 22. We would do 2 dynamic sumo squats and then 22 static squat pulses. See below for the exercises we completed.

Sumo squat and squat pulse

Candlestick dippers and candlestick hold

Forward lunge with bicep curl and lunge pulse with bicep hold

Plyo squats and squat pulse

Side plank dip and plank hold

Merkins and plank hold

Squat to overhead press and squat hold with overhead press pulse

Curtsy lunge with side kick out and pulse curtsy

Woodchop squat and squat hold

Single leg deadlift and leg pulse in the air

Side lunge to imperial walker and imperial walker pulse

Glute bridge with weight and pulse bridge

Spiderman pushup and plank hold

Russian twists and side pulse with weight

Mt. climbers and plank hold

Bridge plus chest press and hold bridge and arms at 90 degrees

Deadlift with upright rows and deadlift pulse

BGS with weight and crunches with weight

Burpees and plank hold

Standing side crunch and crunch pulse

Reverse lunge with tricep kickback and hold lunge with tricep pulse

Dead bugs and holding deadbug each side

Skaters and lunge pulse each side

We ran the large lap up to the top of the arena and back down. We had 5 minutes to spare so we did stretching and yoga poses. Afterwards we circled up for the COT, prayer, picture and names. Keep it up Waffle Fry!



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