07/06/2020 - union - J.U.N.K – F.O.O.D.

AO: The Union

When: 07/06/2020

QIC: Wonder Woman


Number of Pax: 10

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Hallmark, Certified, Chinchilla, Charity, Choo-Choo, Valor, Yellowstone, Guac, Diggity Dog


10 PAX at AO The Union on this beautiful, humid Monday morning. The ladies collected together at 5:30 and we started on time. It was a great day to get out, get sweaty and get it done.


We did a few IC X 10 warm ups/ Windmills – Toy Soldiers – Jumping Jacks – TTT  – Arm warm ups & a full big parking lot lap all together.

The Thang

J.U.N.K – F.O.O.D.  – The 4th of July was in our wake of the weekend and we all admitted to eating a little bit here and there that we would consider Junk Food. So I brought a workout that would help us burn a lot of those Junk Food calories. We paired up with a FiA sister close to us. They were our accountability partner for reps and meeting us half way during our run. Half of us did the first 4 exercises while our FiA sister did the other 4.

  1. J. Jump Rope – 100
  2. U. Upward rows – 75
  3. N. Narrow Squats w/ kick back – 50
  4. K. Kangaroos  – 25

Lap – Between the partners, one went right and one went left. We met in the middle and did 10 Star Jumps together and then continued on the rest of the lap. When we met back at our mats we switched the exercises and did the other 4. Then another Lap meeting together in the middle, 10 more Star Jumps.

  1. F. Flutter Kicks – 100
  2. O. Overhead Press – 75
  3. One Legged Dead-lifts – 50
  4. Decline Push-Ups – 25

We were able to do 2 full rounds of all 8 exercises, we ran 2+ miles in between and had a little time left. We gathered together and we went on a tour of the parking lot for our Victory Lap. We stopped in a few places to do some additional reps of toe taps, squats, lunges, sprints and backwards runs while our sisters caught up with the group. It was a jam packed, intense, full or running workout with very little rest time. LOTS OF CALORIES BURNED!!  Great job ladies. I was so wonderful to see you all this morning. You all ROCK!!


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