12/27/2020 - grove - Jackie Robinson #42- Running the bases

AO: The Grove

When: 12/27/2020

QIC: Wilson


Number of Pax: 4

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Bourbon, Partly Cloudy, Shrinky Dink


I was asked by a FiA sister, who shall remain unnamed, if I wanted to Q an early birthday beatdown. This morning, the “feels like” temperature was 10 degrees at 6:10 AM. I was seriously questioning my sanity and really regretting the fact that I was the Q…I had to go…and was secretly hoping that the beatdown would be cancelled. I bundled up with too many layers to count and a ninja hat and was met by three smiling (but slightly frozen) faces and I am SO glad that I started my day off with a beatdown and FiA sisters.

Tomorrow I turn 42, so I decided to pay respect to the most famous 42 I know, Jackie Robinson.

There was no warm up; we needed to get moving to keep our bodies from freezing so we started right in with the thang.

Home plate: 40 curl to press and 2 jump squats. Run around the bases (the loop), past home plate and on to 1st base.

1st base: 40 single reverse lunges (total) and 2 jump squats. Run around the bases and on to 2nd.

2nd base: 40 Carolina Dry Docks and 2 jump squats. Run the bases to 3rd.

3rd base: 40 squats (total) with side leg lift and 2 jump squats. Run the bases and back to home.

Second Round:

Home: 40 tricep kick backs or presses and 2 jump squats.

1st: 40 curtsy lunges (total) and 2 squat jumps.

2nd: 40 hallelujahs + 40 scarecrows and 2 squat jumps.
*After our second time to 2nd base we skipped running the entire loop and just ran to the next base…we were plenty warm by that point.

3rd: 40 squats (total) with standing donkey kick or back lift and 2 jump squats.

We finished 3 trips around the bases and then moved on to abs.

I was born on 12/27 and I am turning 42 so theses were the numbers used for reps.

12 “Valors” side V ups each side; 42 Pretzel Crunches; 42 Flutter Kicks (total); 12 BGS; 27 LBCs; 12 Wilson’s

We finished the beatdown with 3 more laps around the loop- running the curves and walking the straights to get our mileage just past 2 miles and help a FiA sister to get closer to her 100 mile goal.

We ended with some quick individual stretches and then moved to prayer and COT. We focused our prayer on all those feeling isolated secondary to COVID and asked for peace and comfort.

Thank you for helping me to start my day out right and being as crazy as I am to workout in 10 degree temperatures. It took us all several hours to warm our cheeks🍑.


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