01/05/2023 - cubhouse - Jessica Alba – Finally!

AO: The Cub House

When: 01/05/2023

QIC: Shrinky Dink


Number of Pax: 11

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Chocolate Chip, Whole Coconut, Caliente, Partly Cloudy, Bridesmaid, Straight Shooter, Foster, Semper Fi, Belles, Wonder Woman, and me


FINALLY! I’ve had this Q on my board for a month and today we got to complete it! Although many of us are likely wishing I had never come up with it in the first place, myself included! A great group came to the Cub House today. We warmed up with some stretches and jump ropes or jogging in place as I explained this one.

The Thang – Jessica Alba is a routine that you repeat 5 times and consists of an exercise for arms, legs, abs, and butt. I opted to have us go through the list of all 4 exercises as a round rather than sticking with just one exercise 5 times in a row. The rep count was 10 for each exercise except the last one where we did each leg.

We started with arms – 10 Carolina dry docks and the mode of travel to the opposite curb and back was bear crawls. We then did 10 sumo squats with a pulse (legs) and did lunges to the opposite curb and back. We then did 10 deadlifts and did imperial squat walkers to the opposite curb and back. The final exercise was a new one that I borrowed form the yoga world. We did 10 on each leg of Warrior Pose (basic move is start with knee bent and foot off the ground balancing on the other foot, then extend bent leg behind you while you lean forward with arms out in front of you, then return to starting position, trying not to put foot down). The mode of travel was inchworms (which killed my shoulders by round 4). We then did a short lap and came back for the next round through of these same exercises.

We did manage to fit in all 5 rounds with the last set of warrior poses at 5 per leg rather than 10. We did brief stretching, COT and NOR. Thanks for coming out this morning ladies!


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