07/03/2020 - rock - Jumpstart to 4th of July

AO: The Rock

When: 07/03/2020

QIC: Straight Shooter


Number of Pax: 6

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Trail Mix, Owlette, Serenity, Lasso, Whole Coconut, Straight Shooter


The rain had passed.  The clouds were beautiful.  It was hot as the sun and so muggy.  I swear it was 900 degrees warmer laying on our mats doing our exercises but we did it together and are better for it.  We had some newbies at The Rock tonight along with a couple who hadn’t been in a long time to that location.  It was wonderful to see them all.  We did a few stretches, windmills, pick me ups, and jump twists to warm up.

The Thang: We did a tabata of 45 sec on with 15 sec rest spelling out Red, White, & Blue along with some special July 4th exercises.

R – rotator raises

E – elevated glute bridge

D – donkey kicks


W – wood chops

H – hammer curls

I – imperial walkers

T – tuck jumps

E – elbow to knee plank


B – bourbons

L – lunges

U – upright rows

E – elevated push up

We ran/walked a lap and then started our July 4th exercises.

Star Jumps

Liberty March Skips – skip in place or move around

Soldier Kicks – toy soldiers

Liberty Bell Swings – kettlebell swings

Side Plank Salutes – side plank one side

Flag Flutters – flutter kicks

Side Plank Salutes – other side

Firecrackers – jump squats reaching to the sky

We went back thru the letters one more time and finished with COT and nameorama. I hope everyone has a safe & happy July 4th this weekend.



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