01/07/2020 - valley - Kickstart My Heart

AO: The Valley

When: 01/07/2020

QIC: Kodak


Number of Pax: 7

Number of FNGS: 1

Pax Names:

Canon, Seinfeld, Dove, Mama Bear, Homeland, Run DMC (FNG, Dawn), Kodak


January is here & you know what that means…GOALS!! It’s a new year, so lets set them & achieve them! Seven of us came out today to kick start those goals!  First we warmed up with some double ft/side kicks (IC) along with some light stretching while I explained the disclaimer & the workout…


The concept was was 2 rounds of 8 exercises…20 reps each, then 20 sec. AMRAP to “Kickstart our heart”, rest for 5-10 sec.

Round 1 – 1.Hammer Curls   2.Jump Squats   3.Leg Raises   4.Angry Donkey Kicks   5.Bent over Flys   6.Rosalitas   7.Deadlifts   8.Mt. Climbers

*Song Challenge – Booty Wurk – Pulse Jump Lunges/Funky Alternating let twists for the Booty hook

Round 2 – 1.Hallelujahs   2.Ski Squats   3.Tricep Kickbacks   4.BGS   5.Merkin   6.Reverse Crunches   7.Monkey Humpers   8.Glute Bridges

We finished both rounds with about a couple of minutes to spare for some OYO stretches. We did COT, Name-0-Rama, & had the pleasure of naming an FNG….Run DMC (fabulous name btw!!) DMC are her initials & she loves to run! Welcome!!




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