09/02/2020 - mill - Killer Queen FiAversary!!!

AO: The Mill

When: 09/02/2020

QIC: Southern Charm


Number of Pax: 14

Number of FNGS: 1

Pax Names:

Rom-Com, Certified, Southern Charm, Inspector Gadget, Previ, Salude, Domino, Rise Up, Belle, Served, KillerK, Dory, Smokey (FNG), Happy Trees


13 Amazing ladies joined me this morning for my FiAversary Q!! I can’t believe it’s been an year since my chance meeting with Rise Up at the Costco. AND that sweet little angel even drove out to be with me this morning!! Love you & thank you Rise Up ❤️

We started with a warm up of the usual – arm circles, Michael Phelps, & TTT while I explained…

The Thang:

September 5th is Freddy Mercury’s birth & I adore Queen so I thought a Killer Queen beatdown needed to happen!!

We all partnered up & while your partner ran the small loop the others got down to business, no counting required!

L-Leg Lifts
L-Lunges (Dealers Choice)
E-Elevated Merkins
R-Raggedy Anns

Q-Quad Squats
U-Upright Rows
E-Elevated Crunches
E-Elbow Plank
N-Narrow Squats with Overhead Press

We made it through all rounds with a few to spare so we called out some ab exercises:

15-Big Girl Sit-ups
15-Bicycles (sets)
15-Bourbans (sets)
16-Russian Twits (total due to mumble chatter)

We then circled up for prayer, name o rama, & getting down to the business of naming our FNG, Welcome Smokey!!!

Thank you ladies for being with me this morning & having such a positive impact on my life for the last year, love you all dearly ❤️


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