08/10/2020 - union - Left to Right

AO: The Union

When: 08/10/2020

QIC: Diggity Dog


Number of Pax: 8

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Valor, Guac, Wilson, Smooth Operator, Salude, Greyhound, Chocolate Chip


It was a clear and beautiful morning at the Union today. 7 PAX showed up early, and hopped right into a full body workout to get their weeks started off right.
Today’s theme was working from left to right. We did this, but also we were able to hit all areas that needed some strength today. Arms/Legs/Abs

Warm up:
Heismans, butt kicks, high knees with hallelujahs, Big lap around the school. We did these twice (except for the lap) to get the muscles all good and warm.


We started with arms….💪🏼

Merkin ladder: start with 20 merkins, sprint to the cone (or other side of the parking lot for us, aka left to right), do 19 merkins, sprint back to start, do 18 Merkins…total 210 merkins

This was tough! Some of us were even feeling this one by the end of the day. 🥴

Then on to Legs…

Set up on one side of the parking lot with weights and mats. Do each exercise with the group, then run across parking lot and back pedal back to your mats (aka left to right 😉)

-Weighted curtsy lunge with overhead press (10 each side)(Lift leg up in front at 90 degree and don’t touch ground)

-Bear fire hydrants (10 each side)(Butt down and spine straight, core tight, lift leg to side)

-Camel surrender (10 each side)(Wt across chest, sit on heels, up to knees and use one leg to push up off ground and bring other leg to make a squat position)

-Weighted reverse lunges (wt on right shoulder and left leg back, knee up to 90 degree and back to lunge) no touching ground (Drive up through heel) (15 each side)

-weighted squat hops (10 each side)(Wt across chest and squat hop to right, then back left)

-Buddha squats (10 each side)(Wt across chest, right leg back and down to mat, sit on heel, push through left heel to get back to start)

We were able to push through one full set of these before we headed back over close to the school to grab our mats.

And last it was Abs…

Partly Cloudy’s own tried and true was up first

Song- What does the fox say- LBCs and bicycles (during chorus)

This one brings chatter and groans every time 😁

And lastly it was

Song- Kris Kross/ Jump- Hold Plank during song/plank jack when they say “Jump”

By the end, we were a sweaty mess. I can say that I slipped off my hands and forearms many times during the last song challenge! 🥴

We did a sitting COT and prayer (we were a little tired) and headed off into the sunrise to start our day.

Thanks for joining me ladies!



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