07/20/2020 - union - Leg Day + CORE

AO: The Union

When: 07/20/2020

QIC: Valor


Number of Pax: 8

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Smooth Operator, Carbonara, Chef, Hallmark, Guac, Chocolate Chip, Chinchilla, Valor


8 Pax showed up to AO The Union this morning ready to work! These ladies never miss a Monday and I love them for it!

We started with some OYO stretches while we waited for everyone to filter in. We warmed up (quickly) with an interval run to the song The Darkness by Built by Titan. There were 3 speed intervals based on tempo of the song- jog, run, sprint.

Next, we did (someone please name this and add it to our lexicon)

Walking lunge (2) squat. X10

10 Broad jumps back

Walking lunge (2) squat X9

9 Broad jumps back

Repeat down to rep 1.


Jog the loop. Repeat the lunge lunge squat series. Jog another loop.

Finally we came back to our mats for abs. Every move was 60 seconds with minimal rest between exercises . The name for this series is wildly inappropriate so I’m not posting it here. If you’re dying to know- visit the Union sometime soon!

1. Double leg extensions . Recline on your elbows and draw knees to chest and push them out straight, never touching the ground, and repeat. Legs should make a circle motion

2. Plank to Pike. High plank to downward dog toe tap (Opposite arm opposite foot). Back to plank. Repeat and tap other toe

3. Floating Leg with single leg extension. Same as #1 but float one leg off the ground while other leg circles. Switch legs at 30 sec

4. Around the World Plank. High plank. Walk left arm forward, right arm forward. Left foot out to the side, right foot out to the side. Reset feet, reset hands and repeat.

5. V-Up alternating torso twist. Crunch up to a v sit- torso twist to the right. Go back down. Repeat and twist left.

6. Plank knee pulls. High plank. Right knee goes to outside of right elbow, inside of right elbow, then back. Left knee goes to outside of left elbow, inside of left elbow, then back.

7. Leg raise corkscrew- hover legs, raise them straight up, then push legs up and twist hips to the right. Lower legs to hover, leg raise, hips go left.

8. Plank Jumps- jump legs side of the mat, middle, other side of the mat, then middle

9. Bicycles- Do 4 slow, then 4 quick.

We finished with some child’s pose and thread the needle (thanks Smooth Operator!) Prayers for healing Fia sisters and also for safe travels as Carbonara heads home! We sure hope she comes back soon!

OH! And some of us were a little sleepy this morning and didn’t check to make sure our shoes matched. We love you Guac!


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  1. Carbonara

    Thanks for being so welcoming ladies!! My legs are SORE this morning and we made it home safe!! Carbonara

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