11/02/2021 - valley - Leg Wrecker

AO: valley

When: 11/02/2021

QIC: Canon


Number of Pax: 4

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Canon, Compass, Van Gogh, and Miss Magnolia


So happy to see some smiling faces join me on a chilly Tuesday Morning. We started with my infamous Canon booty blast as a warmup and then jumped right into it.

The Thang

We split into two groups and half did reps while the other half did Lt. Dans with a jog back and switch


  • Overhead Press
  • Around the Worlds
  • Side Arm Raises
  • Wood Chop
  • Standing Oblique Twists

Then we finished with a quick round of ring of fire

Hold Squat pass 10 Jumping Jacks

Hold Plank pass 5 Burpees

Hold Bridge pass 10 Bourbons

We finished up with Name-o-rama and cot. Thank you ladies for pushing me to be better. Even if I am terribly sore today.


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