05/01/2021 - foxtrot - Let’s get Kraken

AO: Foxtrot

When: 05/01/2021

QIC: Semper Fi


Number of Pax: 20

Number of FNGS: 1

Pax Names:

Hallmark, Valkyrie, Switchback, Chai, Mighty Mouse, Raptor, Wonder Woman, Love, Pilgrim, Charity, Bravo, Journal, Thread, Lake Life, Prada, Chocolate Chip, Blue Bell, Bridesmaid, FNG Kelly – Porche, Semper Fi


19 strong and amazing women joined me on a gorgeous Saturday morning to get it done. And get it done is what they did!

We did a warm up of neck rotations, arm circles, hip rotations, leg swings, TTT IC, and 10 JJs. I then got into explaining the Thang.

On the agenda for the morning was a Kraken routine. Shout out to Pilgrim who quickly helped me set up the cones after we peeled off from the morning ruck. We set up 8 cones around the playground area, each with a exercise. All the PAX spread out to a starting cone. We started  with 30 reps and ran a full circle past that cone to then next one. Rinse and repeat for all 8 cones. When a full circle was completed then rep count was 20. For the last round we did 10 reps.   Here are the exercises:

Weighted BGSU

Plank Jacks

Raggedy Anns

Reverse Lunges

Chair Pose Twist

Good Mornings


Morrocan Night Clubs

All PAX were able to complete 3 rounds with a few minutes left.   I wanted to do a min of a few ab exercises  but I had a timer malfunction.    WW counted out some In and Outs for us and I counted out 40 LBCs.

We finished up with COT and naming our new FNG who came with Lake Life.  Welcome to FiA Porsche!

Thank you for joining me ladies.  I say it every COT, that I feel blessed all you amazing women are in my life and I truly mean it.  ☺️




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