08/26/2022 - pack - LIFT – 26 is way more than 25

AO: The Pack

When: 08/26/2022

QIC: Semper Fi


Number of Pax: 4

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Spartan, Straight Shooter, Caliente, Semper Fi


This morning I made the joke that since it was the 26th I was going to use that number as my rep/set count. But it felt like such a big number for some of the exercises so I went with 25. 25 felt good. 26 felt like too much. By the end, any number felt like too much!

4 sets with 4 exercises each.  (2 sets standing, 2 on mats)

25 reps/sets of each exercise. After each set, 1 min plank or chair sit. pax choice.


Squat pulses

Squat with a calf raise

Chest flys

Tricep kickbacks


Carolina dry docks

Overhead pullover

Glute bridge with tricep ext

Fire hydrants


Hammer curls to lat raise

Upright rows

Rev lunge pulse

Forward lunge with core twist


Plank reaches

Bird dog


IWY Superman’s


We finished with a minute left to stretch. We prayed for Wonder Woman and quick recovery and for safe travels for Spartan this weekend. I always enjoy my mornings with you ladies. Have a great weekend!


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