08/24/2021 - den - LIFT AMRAPs with Bands

AO: The Den

When: 08/24/2021

QIC: Partly Cloudy


Number of Pax: 8

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Whole Coconut, Spartan, Straight Shooter, Smooth Operator, Shrinky Dink, Rise Up, Choo Choo


It was a lovely sweltering August morning at The Den.  Thankfully 7 other wonderful ladies showed up to sweat it out with me today.  We gathered on the sidewalk with our heavy weights, mats, and resistance bands!
We warmed up our bodies with arm circles, gorilla swings, gate swings, and a fun game of Would You Rather (my favorite).  If you’d rather the first option, you did grapevine to the left.  If the second option was your jam, you power skipped to the the right.

– Spring or Fall

– Christmas or Halloween (love you Whole Coconut and your Halloween loving self)

– Mountains or Beach (unanimous- Beach!)

– Window Seat or Aisle

– PJs or Dress Up (PJs for the win)

– Legs or Arm workout

– Tacos or Hibachi (Choo Choo says BOTH!)

– Chicken salad or Tuna Salad

After our laughs and exclamations, it was time to work.  We did 4 AMRAPs.

Legs : 8 Minutes with Bands

10 Squats

10 Sumo Squats

10 Side Pulse Left

10 Side Pulse Right

10 Standing Donkey Kicks


Arms: 7 Minutes

10 Bicep Curls

10 OH Press

10 Upright Rows

10 Left arm only row

10 Right arm only row


Abs: 6 Minutes

10 Wilsons

10 Bourbons

10 Cross Crunches Left

10 Cross Crunches Right

10 Pretzel Crunches


Back to Legs with Bands: 7 Minutes

10 Lying Side Leg Raise Left

10 Lying Side Leg Raise Right

10 Clamshells Left

10 Clamshells Right

10 Rosalitas


We finished up with one round of the following – no AMRAP this time.  We were out of time!

10 Skull Crushers

10 Chest Flys

10 Chest Presses

10 Lying Around the Worlds

10 Lying Scarecrows

We stretched, snapped a pic, and circled up for prayer.  We threw out several prayer requests – there is so much going on.  From the loss of loved ones, to surgeries, strokes, and covid, to praises for clean scans.  God has a handle on it all.  We just have to pray.  And that we did, followed by name-O-Rama.  It was another great LIFT session!  Thanks for joining me!


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