07/06/2021 - den - LIFT is Launched at The Den

AO: The Den

When: 07/06/2021

QIC: Whole Coconut


Number of Pax: 4

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Wilson, Partly Cloudy, Straight Shooter


Woo-hoo! There’s a new beatdown option that will be showing up at The Den, The Arena and The Hideout and it’s just for all you ladies who need more strength training and less running. No matter your goals, you can get your workout on with FiA.  We kicked LIFT off Ad Hoc at the Den today with 4 PAX! There was some decent mumble chatter so I’m claiming success!

The Thang:

Quick warm-up: Michael Phelps, arm circles big to small forward then small to big backwards, neck rotations right then left, gate swings each leg, and finally toy soldiers.

We did a full body circuit with body weight or heavy weights and did 12 reps of each exercise:

Push-ups (on toes when possible)

Shoulder press

Inch worms to plank

Tricep dips on curb or kickbacks

Walking lunges (about 15 yards each way – 35 +/- reps each time)

Dead lifts

Clamshells each side

Dead bugs

Venus flytraps

We got through the full circuit 4 times and then did a few more abs with some LBCs and penguins (25 each) before we stretched and joined the rest of the PAX at The Den for COT with Semper Fi.

Thank you ladies for helping make LIFT a reality!
❤️, 🌴🥥


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