10/05/2021 - den - Liftin’ & Accumulatin’

AO: The Den

When: 10/05/2021

QIC: Semper Fi


Number of Pax: 12

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Straight Shooter, Aquamarine, Wonder Woman, Spartan, Tinsel, Wonderland, Smooth Operator, Forte, Ace, Chocolate Chip, Knottely, Semper Fi


12 Pax at The Den this morning for a LIFT Ab Accumulator beatdown!

On my way to the beatdown I wondered how many would show in the heavy rain…and I knew at least Wonder Woman would be there because she was the other Q!  I really wondered if it would be just us.  But I was very happy to see the cars rolling in and 11 other ladies ready to start their day with me.

We warmed up neck, shoulder and arm circles, hip rotations, leg swings, TTT and Toy soldiers IC.

The Thang ~

Since we were going to be under the awning because of the rain, Wonder Woman reached out to me and said lets combine.  I already had my workout planned so ab accumulator it is!!

Ab Accumulator ~ do the first exercise, then do a 30 sec wall sit.  Do the first and second and wall sit.  Then the first 3, wall sit.  You get the idea!  But since we combined the regular beatdown with the lift, about halfway through I gave the pax the option to wall sit or run to one end of the awning to the other and back.  That way at least the non-lifters could get some steps.

The exercises ~

  1.  10 Big girl sit ups
  2. 10 sets Russian twists
  3. 10 Halos
  4. 10 sets Squat to rotating overhead press
  5. 10 4 count flutterkicks
  6. 10 In & Outs
  7. 10 Reverse crunches
  8. 10 sets Penguins
  9. 10 sets Hip dips
  10. 10 American pie situps w/overhead weight raise

We got through 9 complete cycles, and ran out of time in the 10th one right after the Russian twists.  By the end of the workout we did 100 situps, 90 sets of Russian twists, 70 Halos, 60 sets Squat to rotating OHP, 5 sets of 4 count flutterkicks (which is like a bajillion single kicks), 40 In & outs, 30 reverse crunches, 20 sets of penguins, and 10 sets of hip dips.  Whew!  Oh and throw in either several minutes of wall sit and/or run. You ladies rocked it!

Since Wonder Woman was the other Q, I asked her to close us out with CoT.  We threw all the prayers in the middle and prayed over it all.

Thanks for joining me this morning ladies, you make me better.  And I hope that today when your abs/core hurts you smile and think of me!



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