10/16/2019 - arena - Little 4 Corners

AO: The Arena

When: 10/16/2019

QIC: Kodak


Number of Pax: 4

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Mama Bear


With rain in the forecast this morning the plan was to stay on the stage for our beatdown. That space is much smaller than the big open lawn in front of the stage, hence the “little” 4 Corners. But don’t let the word little fool you, we still had a big workout that will hopefully leave the 3 other PAX feeling a little sore tomorrow! A good sore of coarse! The morning ended up being beautiful, sunny & breezy! Perfect weather while we warmed up to a song…Culo – Torso Twists throughout & Deadlifts for the bend over part.


4 Corners, 3 rounds, Lunges to each corner, reps – 10, 20, 30,40

Corner #1-10 reps – 1. BGS   2. Pretzel Crunches   3. Rosalitas

Corner #2-20 reps – 1. Tricep Kickbacks  2. Overhead press  3. Bicep Curls

Corner #3-30 reps – 1. Raggedy Anns   2. Hillbillies  3. Imperial Walkers

Corner #4-40 reps – 1. Merkins  2. Tricep Dips 3. 1 min plank

Once we completed all 3 rounds we went backwards with Corner #4 being 10 reps, Corner #3-20 reps, Corner #2-30 reps & Corner #1-40 reps.

We managed to finish both sets just in time with about 4 min of stretching then Name-0-Rama & COT. Thanks ladies!



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