09/14/2020 - union - LL School J remix

AO: The Union

When: 09/14/2020

QIC: Greyhound


Number of Pax: 10

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Chocolate Chip, Diggity Dog, Valor, Partly Cloudy, Guac, Hallmark, Smooth Operator, Snickers, Choo Choo, Wilson & Greyhound


Only 6 weeks ago, I decided to give FIA a try and took my first class at the Union. Then Today, I was asked to lead my first beat down! It’s truly an honor to be a part of the FIA family.

When trying to come up with a workout, I wanted something simple but challenging. I looked for a BackBlast with the most “I’m sore” comments then added my own twist!  Valor’s “LL School J” was perfect, lots of lunges and I added some extra moves in between.

We started with a light warm up including jumping jacks, toy soldiers and took a big lap around both parking lots.

The Thang:

I set up 2 cones and asked PAX to line up mats in a line along the close cone.

Round one:

We lunged down to the far cone, completed 10 squats, then lunged back towards our mat to complete then 10 merkins. Lunge down again, 9 squats, lunge back, 9 merkins, then repeat down to one. Run two laps round the parking lot to complete round one.


Round two

Same lunges, just different exercises. Lunge down, side leg lifts (10 on each side), lunge back, 10 Carolina dry docks and decrease by one like before. Since a few PAX had to leave early, we didn’t’ get to finish round 2 or even start round 3 but I’m guessing we still did about 600 lunges…we can save the other 600 for another day.

We took a quick picture, prayed, and did our nameorama.

A few brave PAX stayed for the AB challenge which took almost 12 minutes to complete

100 Second Plank

90 Crunches

80 Russian twist

70 Flutter Kicks

60 Reverse crunches

50 Bicycles

40 Leg Raises

30 Toe Touches

20 Big girl sit ups

10 V-ups


It’s such a blessing to get to start my day with you incredible ladies.

Thanks for coming out!



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