12/21/2020 - union - Make It Jingle

AO: The Union

When: 12/21/2020

QIC: Valor


Number of Pax: 7

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Diggity Dogg, Greyhound, Wilson, Smooth Operator, Guac, Hallmark, Valor


7 PAX came out to MAKE IT JINGLE this morning and we had so much fun!

The twerking reindeer was today’s  inspiration as it was mostly a booty workout. We started with a little warmup to the song Make It Jingle with some basic moves like lunges, squats, windmills, jumping jacks etc.) Then we took a lap.


When we got back, we did 12s (like 11s or 7s, but you know… December is month 12 and 12 days of Christmas so 12s felt right)

Traveling curtsy lunges down about 20-25 yards. Do 11 Jump squats alternating weight/no weight. So hold one weight for a jump squat- set it down, do one squat without it- that’s 1 rep!

Traveling crusty lunges back to start. Do 1/2 diamond jump as 1 rep. (Jump forward wide squat- jump back narrow squat. When you get to 2+ you’ll start jumping back wide, forward narrow to complete the diamond.)

Rinse and Repeat until you’ve worked down to 1 jump squat and up to 11 diamond jumps. Booties will jingle.

We took a lap with our jello legs and then came back for 12 days of abs which DID require singing and participation was good! I love my Union people! We sang the song and did the moves just like you would sing the regular song. (Photo below)

We took a photo, prayed, and got to socialize a bit more than normal because NO SCHOOL! Merry Christmas ladies! I hope you’re sore tomorrow!!


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