03/05/2020 - rock - Mardi Gras Beads

AO: The Rock

When: 03/05/2020

QIC: Straight Shooter


Number of Pax: 6

Number of FNGS: 2

Pax Names:

Healthy Mama, Owlette, Cookie Monster, FNG Ambria (8 Pointer), FNG Heather (Grizzly Jack)


I didn’t get to do my Mardi Gras workout last week due to finding out at the last minute that my stepson was in a play at school so I carried it over to this week (this planner is not a fan of last minute information).  My intention was to give everyone who completed the beatdown some beads but alas I forgot.  We were excited that the rain had stopped so we were able to do our warm up out in the parking lot before heading underneath to put our mats down since it was less wet under the awning.

Warm up:

Parking space tracers – each PAX picked an empty parking space and side shuffled the long sides while jogging the short sides.  We did this for a couple of minutes and then played this or that.  If the PAX liked the first option then they did jumping jacks, if they liked the second option they did butt kicks.

pancakes vs waffles

ice cream vs frozen yogurt

sweet vs savory

early brunch vs late night bite

nuggets vs french fries

grilled cheese vs mac n cheese

take out vs dine in

smoothie vs milkshake

pizza vs tacos

After everyone was good and hungry we started The Thang:

We spelled out MARDI GRAS BEADS (40 reps) & KING CAKE (15 reps due to time).

M – monkey humpers

A – around the worlds

R – Russian twists (sets)

D – donkey kicks (sets)

I – in & outs

run or walk a lap

G – goblet squats

R – reverse crunches

A – alternating back lunges (total)

S – shoulder press

run or walk a lap

B – big girl situps

E – elbow to knee (total)

A – alligater pushups -one hand in normal position, the other more in front & then switch

D – dirty dogs – leg in fire hydrant position, straighten leg out, bring back in & down

S – star jumps (did 20 of these)

skipped the lap & went into KING CAKE for time

K- kickbacks (triceps)

I – inner thigh leg lifts

N – narrow squats

G – glute bridges

C – calf raises

A – alternating front raises

K – kicks (flutter) – did 31 sets of these for our Bingo Box (since we had one our pushups above)

E – explosive squats – basically squat jumps

We circled up for COT and named our 2 FNG’s.  8 Pointer is a friend of Cookie Monster and loves everything outdoors including deer hunting.  Grizzly Jack found us by way of sign that Laffy Taffy had put out and loves to hike and drink Jack & Coke.

Word of the week – PAX – people in attendance



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