03/04/2022 - rock - Mardi Gras Celebration

AO: The Rock

When: 03/04/2022

QIC: Straight Shooter


Number of Pax: 10

Number of FNGS: 1

Pax Names:

Very Berry, Inspector Gadget, Whole Coconut, Cake Rider, Rock Star, Pirate Fairy, Blank Canvas, Semper Fi, FNG Bubbly (Candace), Straight Shooter


The warm weather brought all the ladies to the beatdown.  I was so excited to see a few of our favorites who haven’t been to The Rock in a while.  We also had an FNG who is hoping to launch a location in Calhoun/Adairsville.  It was so pretty out tonight.  We started with a few stretches and then got started with our tabata.  We did 50 seconds on and 10 off for each of the Mardi Gras words below.

M – moneky humpers

A – around the worlds

R – russian twists

D – donkey kicks

I – in & outs

G – goblet squats

R – reverse crunches

A – alternating back lunges

S – shoulder press

take a lap

K – kickbacks (triceps)

I – inner thigh leg lifts

N – narrow squats

G – glute bridges

C – calf raises

A – alternating front & side raises

K – kicks (front)

E – explosive squats

take a lap

B – BGSU’s

E – elbow to knee

A – alligator push ups

D- dead bugs

S – star jumps

take a lap

C- chicken wings

A – ab abc’s

R – rotator raise

N – narwhals

I – imperial walkers

V – vsit

A – airplanes

L – lunges

take a lap

We then circled up and named our FNG Bubbly as she owns an event planning company called Peaches & Champagne.  I enjoyed my time with you ladies this evening.  Thanks for coming out.


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