01/24/2022 - arena - Meet me at the pyramid

AO: The Arena

When: 01/24/2022

QIC: Hairspray


Number of Pax: 7

Number of FNGS: 1

Pax Names:

Sugar mama, preve, step up, Seinfield, paperback, abs FNG dumplin


I am so happy to finally be feeling better enough to Q!! I missed my ladies and my workouts!

Today we used the stairs as a pyramid. We started on our mats at the bottom and then each level did a workout to the top and back down. The pyramid got smaller on the second and third round. We finished by each person picking and exercise off the pyramid and rolling the die to see his many reps we would do. Then we did COT and banged out FNG. Here are the workouts:

round 1

10 lbc’s

20 push-ups

30 raggedy anns

40 glute bridges

50 jumping jacks

40 lunges

30 plank jacks

20 tricep dips

10 box cutters

round 2

10 Russian twists

20 bicep curls

30 bent over rows

20 overhead tricep extensions

10 crunchy frogs

round 3

50 bgs

round 4

pick an exercise, till the dice, add 5 to the number on the dice.


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