08/08/2020 - thicket - Meet me in the Middle

AO: The Thicket

When: 08/08/2020

QIC: Kodak


Number of Pax: 18

Number of FNGS: 2

Pax Names:

Yellow Tulip, Tiny Dancer, Dunkin, Jamma(Hillary-FNG), Confection, Professor, Warrior, Hallelujah, Belle, Journey, Blessing, Von Trapp, Previ, Kodak, 2.0’s Melody, Rockstar, Sporty Spice & Victorious(Lucy-FNG)


Did someone say song challenge bingo box?? Yes please (and thank you)!! After the most unconventional back to school week in history I would say that we all needed a little release therapy! In my opinion there is nothing better than a little booty shaking! Hopefully the 18 PAX that joined me agreed 🙂

We warmed up with Cadence Kicks (bingo box check #2) –

1.Rt front kick  2.Left front kick  3.Rt side kick  1.Left side kick


Song Challenges –

1.Krazy (Pitbull) – Seal Jacks(F3) for the Krazy hook, stretches throughout. *this is an awesome warm up routine!!

2.Turn Down 4 What (Lil Jon) – Quick feet for the hook, hip hop high knees throughout.

3.Black Widow (Iggy A) – Overhead claps for the hook, Seal claps throughout.

4.Booty Wurk (T-Pain) – Pulse Jump lunges (4count/to the beat) for the hook, hip hop squat throughout.

Meet Me In The Middle –

Partner up – starting at our mats…Round 1 (10) Overhead press –> Run the loop until you meet your partner then do (10) squats –> run to your mat for Round 2 (20) Over head press -> Run -> (20) Squats -> run to your mat & so on.

Once we finished the 5 rounds I added an ab song challenge…Champion (Carrie Underwood) – hold a squat the entire song & Raggedy Anns for the hook. For the last 7/8 minutes of this gorgeous Saturday morning beatdown  we squeezed in a couple of “Celebrity Abs”  before doing a few OYO stretches.  Prayers went up for peace & healing for ourselves, our families & community. We also named 2 FNG’s during Name 0 Rama…Welcome Jamma & Confection’s 2.0 Victorious!

Thanks ladies for shaking that booty with me!! I REALLY would not have pushed myself so much on my own!!  Thank you!! We are truly #BetterTogether!!


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