06/05/2023 - arena - Modifed Jericho

AO: The Arena

When: 06/05/2023

QIC: Seinfedl


Number of Pax: 11

Number of FNGS: 6

Pax Names:

Von Trapp, Kodak, Step Up, Hairspray, Seinfeld, FNG Flower, FNG Holy, FNG Duval, FNG Shears, FNG Peanut, FNG Scrubs


Since I’m still modifying some things, I decided that we would do a Walls of Jericho workout (7 exercises, 7 reps each followed by a lap, repeat 7 times), but that I would give two options for each exercise, one a little easier than the other (depending on your idea of easy).


Exercise 1: Around the Worlds or Reverse Flies

Exercise 2: Bourbon Sets or BGS

Exercise 3: Narwhal Sets or Deadlights

Exercise 4: Speed Skaters or Curtsy Lunge Sets

Exercise 5: Merkins or OHP

Exercise 6: In & Outs or Russian Twist Sets

Exercise 7: Monkey Humpers or Bear Squats


At the end we had to circle up quick because we had A LOT of work to do with naming our SIX…..yes you read that right, SIX new FNGs. Welcome to the group Duval, Flower, Holy, Peanut, Scrubs and Shears!



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