12/12/2019 - foxtrot - Mr. Santa Potato Heads

AO: Foxtrot

When: 12/12/2019

QIC: Wonder Woman


Number of Pax: 11

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Chi, Partly Cloudy, Domino, Straight Shooter, Smooth Operator, Shrinky Dink, Inspector Gadget, Wilson, Choo Choo & Rise-Up


11 PAX braved the chilly morning air to do a beat-down at Foxtrot. We collected at 5:30 and started our warm ups. We did a few light cardio moves – running in place with 10 ground touches, toy soldiers and a big parking lot lap.

The Thang

Then we started the Mr. Santa Potato Head race. We split the big group into 2. The team that completed the two Mr. Santa Potato Heads first was the winners. The pieces were in a bag that we could not see through. We pulled a piece, did the exercises listed on the sheet and put the piece on our potato.  We pulled a new piece when the exercises was done. Each team doing different exercises depending on the piece they pulled. We all followed the list below.

Mr. Santa Potato Head

FEET –         1 Lap (Run!)

ARM –          25 Around the Worlds (Weighted!)

EAR –           25 Bicycles (Each leg!)

MOUTH –   25 Star Jumps (Watch your mouth doing these!)

NOSE –        25 Push-Ups (Nose to the ground!)

EYES –        25 Flutter Kicks (each leg) (Eyes to the sky!)

HAT –          25 Hallelujah’s (Weighted!) (Hats off to you!)

ACCESSORIES –   25 Monkey Humpers (Nice buns!)

FINISHED! – 12 Burpees (You did it you are done!)

Domino’s team finished their final Burpee seconds before my team finished ours. We had very well matched teams. We all ran one big lap together. Great job ladies. I have a awesome love for Mr. Potato Head’s and loved to share them with you. They looked pretty amazing at the end as well. One of Domino’s was a hot mess, but rocking it!!

We had enough time to start an 11! We could not sit too long and stretch it was just to darn cold.

The 11 that we did was, Push-ups and jump squats. It helped to keep us warm for the remained for the time. We were able to get about 1/2 way through with our 11’s.

We finish with prayers and COT. We also shared thoughts of love/hope for our friends & loved ones. We made a few announcements and went on to have a amazing day. #fiabettertogether



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