02/06/2021 - foxtrot - Musical Chairs

AO: Foxtrot

When: 02/06/2021

QIC: Chai


Number of Pax: 10

Number of FNGS: 1

Pax Names:

Chocolate Chip, Chai, Valkyrie, Charity, Ice Cube(FNG Jennifer), Prada, Crunchy Roll, Straight Shooter, Semper Fi, Smooth Operator


I am over a month late in getting this back blast out so have no idea what the weather was like, but it looked cold to me. We all put a brave face on and got right into the work out.

Musical Chairs – or our FIA version, where I got to use my new loudspeaker/ blowhorn and cones… yippee!


There were three stations, one each for abs, arms and legs. 6 cones were arranged in a circle at each station  with different exercises at each cone. We were divided into 2 groups of 5, each group at a different station, we ran around the circle until the blowhorn went off then you did the exercise at the nearest cone for 1 minute. This was repeated 6 times then we did a lap and switched stations. Completion of the three stations was almost exactly an hour.

The exercises at the stations were:

Abs: Mountain climbers, big girl sit ups, russian twists, raggedy annes, superman, donkey kicks

Legs: kangaroo jumps, crock pot lunges, toe taps,  star jumps, donkey kicks, fire hydrant

Arms: hallelujas, overhead press, around the worlds, arm circles, cherry pickers, randys

It was a lot of fun and the blowhorn was loud, we might want to hide it from Wonder Woman 🙂

We ended with a circle of prayer, friendship and enjoyed after workout snacks.


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