01/16/2020 - valley - Name-o-rama

AO: The Valley

When: 01/16/2020

QIC: Canon


Number of Pax: 5

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Canon, Seinfeld, Killer K, Mama Bear and Kodak


It was a nice breezy morning. A couple of us got there early to get some steps in. When the rest of the Pax arrived we started with a warm-up. 10 Jumping Jacks in Cadence, 15 Leg Extensions to 10 Pulses, 15 Fire Hydrants to 10 pulses and 10 rainbows each side. It was definitely a great warm-up and had us all sweating right away.

The Thang-

Today we played Name-O-Rama. We went through and spelled ALMOST all of the Pax names, except mine because we ran out of time. We did each exercise for 1 Minute AMRAP

A- Arm Circles

B- Bicep Curls

C- Calf Raises

D- Deadlifts

E- Elbow Plank

F- Front Raises

G- Goblet Squats

H- Happy Jacks

I-Imperial Walkers

J- Jump Squats

K- Kickbacks

L- Lbcs

M- Merkins

N- Narrow Squats

O- Overhead Press

P- Plie Squats

Q- Quick Feet

R- Russian Twists

S- Scissors

T- Tricep Dips

U- Upright Rows

V-  V sit

W- Windshield Wipers

X- X punches

Y- Y raises

Z- Zig zag Hops

So we started with Seinfeld (Scissors, Elbow Plank, Imperial Walkers, Narrow Squats, Front Raises, Elbow Plank, Lbcs, and Deadlifts)

Next was Killer K (Kickbacks, Imperial Walkers, Lbcs x2, Elbow Plank, Russian Twists, Kickbacks)

We took a quick lap.

Next was Mama Bear ( Merkins, Arm Circles, Merkins, Arm Circles, Bicep Curls, Elbow Plank, Arm Circles, and Russian Twists)

Last we did Kodak ( Kickbacks, Overhead Press, Deadlifts, Arm Circles and Kickbacks)

We had about 2 minutes left so we ended with our warmup. (10 Leg Extensions 10 Pulses, 10 Fire Hydrants 10 Pulses, 10 Rainbows each leg) We all stretched out really good and finished with COT and Name-O-Rama. Thanks for working hard with me ladies!


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