09/08/2021 - hideout - National Beer Lover’s Day!

AO: The Hideout

When: 09/08/2021

QIC: Journey


Number of Pax: 2

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Fit Chick, Journey


‘‘Twas the morning after a long weekend and I thought I’d be alone as I arrived and saw no one. Thankfully I wasn’t! The theme of the workout was based on National Beer Lover’s Day so what’s your favorite?

We did a bit of stretching/warming up on our own and got to chat before getting started. Each beer was 6 exercises and 12 reps. Get it 6 pack of 12oz beers 🍻 😂 The lineup was:

C – Crab cakes

O – Overhead press

R – Raggedy Ann

O – Overhead extension

N – Narwhals

A – Alligator push-ups


M – Monkey humpers

O – Oh boy squats

D – Donkey kicks

E – Elevated calf raises

L – LBC’s

O – Oh Dolly


S – Slurpee (burpee w/2 pushups)

T – Tricep dips

E – Elbow press

L – Lunges

L – Leg lifts

A – Around the world


M – Mt. Climber

I – Imperial walker

L – Laying side leg lift (Rt)

L – Laying side leg lift (Lt)

E – Elevated glute bridges

R – Russian twists


We still had some time left so we combined or chose 2 exercises from each beer.

Narwhals with a chest press

LBC’s and Oh Dolly

Lunges and overhead press

Glute bridges and Russian twists

Finished with COT and a quick small 2 person name-o-rama 🥰




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