11/12/2020 - foxtrot - National Happy Hour Day

AO: Foxtrot

When: 11/12/2020

QIC: Shrinky Dink


Number of Pax: 15

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Wonder Woman, Southern Charm, Mater, Tiny Dancer, Killa, Smooth Operator, Wilson, Choo Choo, Semper Fi, Spirit, Bourbon, Five Star, Mighty Mouse, Chai,


I had so much fun planning this beatdown! I looked to see if today was some type of national holiday and was thrilled to see National Happy Hour Day as the holiday for today! So I got to work creating a fun beatdown with some appropriately themed music. Thankfully my pre-blast was intriguing enough that a great group of ladies came out to partake in the fun!

We warmed up with some arm circles and stretches and a little bit of jumping rope while I explained the beatdown.

The Thang

So we started off with 12 minutes on a timer and we managed to get through spelling HAPPY HOUR twice, with running a lap in between the two rounds. The rep count was 12 for each exercise and we counted sets where it made sense to do so.

H – Hillbillies

A- Alternating back lunges

P – plie squats

P – praying mantis

Y – your choice squat (PAX were then encouraged to choose a different squat the 2nd time through)

H – Hallelujahs

O – Overhead Press

U – upright rows

R – Randys

So the spelling portion ended with another lap and then we moved on to the next part, a specific exercise associated with a type of alcohol. These were all Abs exercises since the spelling was legs and arms. Each PAX pulled a slip of paper out of a container with the type of alcohol on it and all PAX would then do 12 reps (sets where it made sense to) of the exercise that corresponded to that alcohol type on the board.

Sake – leg lifts

Beer – LBCs

Bourbon – Bourbons

Vodka – Russian twists

White Wine – penguins

Red wine – dollys

Sangria – reverse crunches

Gin – bicycles

Hard Cider – cross-leg crunches (not Indian style LBCs; you put one ankle on the other knee and crunch obliques in the direction of the crossed leg)

Rum – In and Outs

Tequila – BGSUs

Moonshine – Burpees (this only got pulled once by some miracle)

We were able to go around almost a full two times. We ended with COT and NOR, praying for Partly Cloudy’s eye issue, Southern Charm’s family, Spirit’s friend who lost her husband suddenly (Terry I think was her name), for my echocardiagram test, for parents and teachers and students amidst this pandemic, and perhaps a few others I am now forgetting. Thanks for joining me ladies! I’ll be toasting you later this evening!



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