09/01/2020 - hideout - “Nick” of the Ex-Boyfriend Series – just can’t remember why…

AO: The Hideout

When: 09/01/2020

QIC: Certified


Number of Pax: 15

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Tiny Dancer, Inspector Gadget, Shrinky Dink, Blessings, Chef, Chop, Solo, Artist, Fur Pack, Domino, Charity, Professor, Journey, Certified


This morning I by accident forced Charity, Domino, SouthernCharm, and Inspector Gadget to get some miles in before the beatdown by just mentioning on Slack that they were going to be there…because they always are. They are in training and I wish them luck not their Half Marathon on Labor Day!!

We started a loose warm-up of arms and legs and did two laps to loosing up while I helped Charity with some toe bleeding issues, it is always good to have your sneakers a full size up from your dress shoes.

Each Round I forced this quiet crew to talk!

4 Rounds

15 Hands Up…Turns out those are called Hallelujahs

10 Push Press

10 Bicep Curls – Controlled

10 Tricep kick outs (on mat)

30 squats of your choice

Walk a lap or rest 1:30 seconds. The rest is import. During the rest of each round, we …

  1. Stated something we like about ourselves (out loud for all of us to hear)
  2. Cheered on three other PAX with nicknames.
  3. Stated something good that happened in the last week.
  4. Stated a goal for the upcoming week.

I really enjoyed waking up this group and hearing all that was said. I feel like I know everyone a little better and will be challenging them to have to think in the future. It made for a lot of laughs (even if everyone bonded over making fun of me) it still warms my heart.

We had 5 more minutes before picture time, so we added more exercises. Did I mention the last rest period included more Hallelujahs because PAX think faster when having to keep doing them. We didn’t stop until everyone had a goal.

The Moon looked so cool and we reflected on how you must be in the moment because the moon is not photogenic.

Then Domino and Charity and Professor had to do more butt ups (glute things) for being insubordinate. haha

Thanks Ladies, until we meet again. Thanks for letting me Q at the Hideout.


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