07/21/2021 - arena - Olympics Day at the Arena

AO: The Arena

When: 07/21/2021

QIC: Pilgrim


Number of Pax: 16

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Billy Goat (2.0), Daisy, Dunder, Graphics (2.0), Hairspray, Kodak, Mission, Neutral, Pilgrim, Rebel, Sketch, Step Up, Sunny, Switchback, Thread, Waffle Fry


We had a full house show up for Olympics today at the Arena. We started with a few arms circles and Michael Phelps while everyone arrived. There were 7 events to be completed and these ladies completed them in style!

Wall  Sit – arms in the air, 90 degree angle with their legs, and sitting – longest time was  5:01 by Waffle  Fry

Cookie Roll – an individual event using a cookie and your face. Several ladies were close, but the winning catch was by Step Up.

Froggers – start in plank and jump your feet up to your elbows/shoulders and then back to plank – 83 reps were completed by Waffle Fry.

Camera Hot Potato – we got some great selfies with this one! Check out  the pictures below. Daisy took the award and no picture was provided since she won.

5 minute sit ups – 117 reps were completed by Mission and Kodak.

Bear crawl and crab walk – they made their way across the stage and back – Mission was the winner – thanks to many years of gymnastics and doing this daily!

Twisted foot – who knew how many flexible ladies we had at the Arena? Kodak was the first to complete the event, even twice, and the honorable mentions were Step Up and Rebel. I know there were a couple of more, but my memory has fallen flat. Sorry ladies!

Most spirited went to Billy Goat

Most challenging went to Graphics

We finished with a picture, COT and names.

We ended with celebrating  Thread’s birthday and all the ladies who competed today.


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