10/22/2019 - den - Partner Time!

AO: The Den

When: 10/22/2019

QIC: Whole Coconut


Number of Pax: 6

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Guac, Wilson, Straight Shooter, Snickers, Choo Choo


This morning was a gamble on whether we’d finish before the rain came! I had 3 versions of the workout planned but in the end we did the original, no rain one!

The Thang:

We did some arm circles and toys soldiers to loosen up and then we picked a partner and started the workout.
This was a little like a Dora, a little like an interval and a lot of experimenting with exercise combos.

We did 5 minute intervals taking turns between running to the cone to exercise while our partner stayed at the mats doing a different exercise. We traded runs until the timer sounded. There were a total of 4 circuits as follows:

1. Run to cone for 15 push-ups/ stay back for plank jacks

2. Run to cone for 20 walking lunges/ stay back for 10 tricep kickbacks+ 10 squats on repeat

3. Run to 10 squat jumps/ plank shoulder taps on the mats

4. Run to 20 narrow squats/ stay back for curb step ups or calf raises

After 20 minutes of the running drills, we switched up to arms to finish our beat down. We did 12-12-24 of the following, two times per:

  • upright rows, bicep curls, high knees
  • front raise, tricep extension, toy soldiers
  • overhead press, bent over rows, side straddle hops
  • hammer curls, around the world, butt kickers

We finished just as the rain started. We circled for a quick prayer and will be keeping Straight Shooters hubby and father in law in mind with upcoming procedures in the weeks ahead. Wilson is having gel injections tomorrow and we sure hope they are successful as well. And of course, sending all the prayers, wishes and good vibes  for jobs, families, and the crazy of life these days.

Thanks for taking part in the workout ladies! I loved seeing you all this morning



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