04/24/2023 - union - Pick Your Poison

AO: The Union

When: 04/24/2023

QIC: Choo Choo


Number of Pax: 15

Number of FNGS: 2

Pax Names:

Sour Dough, Wonder Woman, Cherry Vanilla, Inspector Gadget, Bubble (FNG), Bells, Hallmark, Red Bird (FNG), Megaphone, Rise Up, Choo Choo, Caliente, Semper Fi, Chocolate Chip, and Foster.


The Union – Never Miss a Monday!

15 fabulous FiA’s, including 2 FNG’s, got together this morning at The Union for Never Miss a Monday! We stretched a bit while I explained what we would do.

Pick your Poison – pick which exercise to do for 1 min each. Then your choice – either run a lap or do other exercise until everyone is back.

Option 1

Option 2

½ Burpees

Plank Jack

PLYo Lunges

Lunge Pulses

Jumping Jacks

Smurf Jacks

Pretzel Crunches



Hip Dips


Side Lunges

Peter Parkers

Mtn Climbers



Angry Donkey Kicks

Fire Hydrants

Tricep Kickbacks

Tricep OH Ext

Jump Squats

Plié Pulses

Jump Rope

Toe Taps

Shoulder Taps

Plank Knee Taps

Flutter Kicks


Marching Glute Bridge

Glute Bridge Pulses

In & Outs

Monkey Humpers

We pushed ourselves and got through almost all the exercises. Was great to see  so many faces at The Union! Congratulations to Cherry Vanilla for taking over as the new AO of this location and welcome to our FNG’s, Bubbles and Red Bird! Have a fabulous week, ladies!!


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