05/30/2023 - den - Plank Ladder & Pyramid at The Den

AO: The Den

When: 05/30/2023

QIC: Semper Fi


Number of Pax: 9

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Hallmark, Chocolate Chip, Spartan, Rise Up, Straight Shooter, Wonder Woman, Partly Cloudy, Bells


I wasn’t sure how many we’d have this morning with us having done the Murph yesterday.  We were barely finished with the Murph when I proclaimed that my Q today would have no running.  This morning I choose to do a plank ladder beatdown. We did planks in increasing time increments with an exercise.  The reps were the same number of the plank time. We went up the plank ladder, and took a lap.  (I lied about the no running! But its good to stretch the legs a little)

10 sec plank / 10 prisoner squats

20 sec plank / 20 monkey humpers

30 sec plank / 30 hammer curls

40 sec plank / 40 calf raises

50 sec plank / 50 arm circles forward

60 sec plank / 60 lbcs

Run a lap

Before going back down the ladder we did a plank pyramid tabata.  1 min 30 sec total. 9 movements, 10 sec each. Continuous with no breaks.  Start with a high plank. Then do alternating taps for 10 secs for each:

Hand taps

Elbow taps

Shoulder taps

Hip taps

Feet taps

Hips taps

Shoulder taps

Elbow taps

Hand taps

1:30 total. Doesn’t seem like much but it was challenging. I will definitely do this one again.

Back down the ladder!

60 sec plank / 60 jump ropes

50 sec plank / 50 arm circles backwards

40 sec plank / 40 flutter kicks

30 sec plank / 30 bicep curls

20 sec plank / 20 fire hydrants (each side)

10 sec plank / 10 star jumps

We finished up with 1 min abs or arms pax choice. We each selected one for the group to do and finished exactly at 6:15.  I love when that happens!

In COT I asked everyone to share something that are grateful for. I loved hearing the responses. I felt the sincerity from each of you. And you all have such wonderful things to be thankful for.

Have a wonderful day ladies!


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