03/08/2022 - rock - Plank ladders at The Rock

AO: The Rock

When: 03/08/2022

QIC: Semper Fi


Number of Pax: 8

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Smooth Operator, Straight Shooter, Very Berry, Healthy Mama, TexMex, Blank Canvas, Cake Rider, Semper Fi


What an awesome night at the Rock tonight!  We dodged the rain and the weather was great.

Tonight we did a plank ladder and ring of fire. My plan was to keep us under cover in case of rain. Which turned out to not be an issue  We got warmed up with a lot of stretching and TTT (IC).

The Thang ~

We went up the plank ladder starting with a 10 sec plank, and then 10 of the corresponding exercise.  Then a 20 sec plank, followed by 20 reps of that exercise.  Ending with a 60 sec plank and 60 reps.  We took a lap, then went back down the ladder starting at a 60 sec plank with 60 reps, all the way back down to 10.  After we completed the ladder we took another lap.

Plank Ladder 

10 sec plank / 10 prisoner squats

20 sec plank / 20 jumping jacks

30 sec plank / 30 toe taps

40 sec plank / 40 calf raises

50 sec plank / 50 arm circles – forward

60 sec plank / 60 lbc’s

And then back down:

60 sec plank / 60 jump ropes

50 sec plank / 50 arm circles – backwards

40 sec plank / 40 flutterkicks

30 sec plank / 30 hillbiliies

20 sec plank / 20 fire hydrants

10 sec plank / 10 star jumps

All said and done, we did 7 minutes of planking! Well done ladies!

After the plank ladder we did a ring of fire.

Ring of Fire

Squats, passing a run to the rock

Curtsy lunges, passing 5 monkey humpers

BGSU’s, passing 5 in & outs

Bicep curls, passing 8 OHP

Tricep extensions, passing 20 hallelujahs

high knees, passing 1 burpee

We finished up with some OYO stretching and COT.  We spoke about what we are all thankful for.  Everyone had something wonderful and heartfelt to share.  Thank you for sharing with me.  I am so thankful for you all.

Until next time ladies!




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