06/05/2021 - adhoc - Popular Delusions (The River Launch)

AO: AdHoc

When: 06/05/2021

QIC: Domino


Number of Pax: 19

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Bravo, Bull Dawg, Cookie Monster, Inspector Gadget, Killer K, Lake Life, Prada,Pilgrim, Raptor, Royale, Rum Runner, Sugar Momma, Switchback,Tazer, Tex Mex, Twitch, Von Trapp, Wonder Woman, Domino


Holy cow. Ok, wasn’t sure how this launch would go, but I was NOT expecting 19 PAX at our first beatdown! These ladies showed up and worked!! And had so much fun along the way!!

So, today is Popular Delusions Day. Which actually is about some psych book written in the 1800s, but it gave me a fun idea. That turned into our THANG.

First, to knock off a Bingo Box, we started out with a Deck of Death warmup. Total exercises for warmup were 42 Crunches (Hearts), 47 Squats (Spades), 25 Jumping Jacks (Clubs), and 40 Merkins (Diamonds). Then a quick lap so everyone could see the route at The River (up the stairs, around the snack shack, down the ramp, and back).


We got DELUSIONAL. Each PAX was given two cards. On one side was a “popular delusion”. On the other side was an exercise. Each person would read a card and then everyone would do the exercise. Every 3rd person, we would run a lap.

The workout got us 1.7 miles and the following Delusions and Reps:

  • Blondes have more fun – 20 Front to Side Raises
  • Just one more drink… – 20 Toe Tap sets
  • Carrot cake is healthy because it’s a vegetable – 20 Jumping Jacks
  •  I’m not shirt, I’m fun sized – 20 Hillbilly sets
  • Just one more cat… – 20 Imperial Walket sets
  • I’ll just put these jeans in the back of the closet for when they fit again… – we Smurf Jacks
  • I’ll start my diet Monday – 20 Curtsy Lunge sets
  • The carpet matches the drapes – 20 Jumping Jacks
  • I can change him – 20 Renegade Row sets
  • It happens to everyone – 20 merkins
  • I’m just going to Target to look – 20 Bourbon sets
  • This dress is obviously sized wrong – 20 LBCs
  • It’s cold outside!! – 20 Underhanded Rows
  • Size Doesn’t Matter – 20 Penguin sets
  • Just the tip… – 20 Tricep Kickbacks
  • My kids will always sleep in their own beds – 20 Jumping Jacks
  • I mean…I know he seems like an asshole…but he’s sweet to me… – 20 Overhead Press
  • I’ll finish this project I started tomorrow – Bicep Curls
  • When I get married my husband is going to cook all the time – 20 Y Raises
  • I promise, it’ll never happen again- 20 Prisoner Squats
  • Maybe he just lost my number or his phone died- 20 Narrow Squats with Kickbacks sets
  • I’m a grower, not a shower – 20 Reverse Lunge Sets
  • When I’m a parent, MY kids will NEVER… – 20 Narwhal sets
  • Southern Charm is meeting us to run in the morning. Hard commit. – 20 Bicycle Crunch sets
  • They only don’t like me because they’re jealous- 20 Shoulder Tap sets
  • I’m turning 39…again… – 20 Walking Lumge sets
  • Kids are a blessing – 20 Mountain Climbet sets
  • But he loves me!!! – 20 In and Outs

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ll feel this EVERYWHERE later. Lol

Afterwards, we circled up for COT and Name-o-rama…and then named the new AO during our first Coffeteeria!

The River!

Thank you ladies, for coming out this morning. You really did make my day a million times better.


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