08/15/2020 - thicket - Presidential Fitness Test Conquered!!!

AO: The Thicket

When: 08/15/2020

QIC: Domino


Number of Pax: 16

Number of FNGS: 1

Pax Names:

Charity, Dory, Dunkin, Hairspray, Journey, Kodak, Patience, Previ,(FNG) Queso, Rockstar, Seinfeld, Southern Charm, The Goat, VonTrapp, Yellow Tulip, Domino


A while back a few of us started joking one morning during a beatdown. The joke was that now that we’re in our 40s, and in better shape than we’ve ever been, we want someone to give us that dang Presidential Fitness Award that we consistently failed to get while we were growing up. That joke turned into today’s beatdown.

16 beautiful FiAs met up this morning ready and willing(ish) to take on the bane of our childhood existences…THE PRESIDENTIAL FITNESS TEST!!

After a few minutes of stretching to warm up (hello, flexibility tests) we partnered up and got straight to work!

For those who don’t remember, the test (and minimums to pass at 85%) go as such:

Shuttle Run – Two lines drawn 30 feet apart. Cones were placed over one line. Each participant sprints from Line 1 to Line 2, grabs a cone, brings it back to Line 1, runs back to Line 2, grabs a second cone and brings that back to Line 1. Must be done in less than 12.4 seconds.

Curl-Ups – Partner 1 holds Partner 2’s feet. Partner 2 does as many full Sit-ups as they can in 1 minute. Must do at least 32. (Another option was the Partial Curl Up, but everyone opted for the Curl-Up)

Right Angle Push-ups – A metronome is set. Partner 1 gets in push-up position. Partner 2 puts their arm under Partner 1’s chest at the point where Partner 1’s elbows would be at a 90 degree angle in the pushup. Partner 1 does as many push-ups as possible at a speed of one per 3 seconds in proper form. Once they can do no more at that speed, they are done. Must do at least 9. (The other option was a minimum of 1 pull-up…we tried for giggles…and then we all did push-ups. 🤣)

V-Sit Reach – Partner 1 sits in a V position. Reaches forward 3 times for practice and then on the 4th reach holds it while Partner 2 measures distance from their heel to their fingertips. Minimum is 4.5 inches.

1 Mile Run – Must be done in under 11:20.

You guys…this was just as hard as we remember…and we definitely understand why it was banned from schools now…BUT WE DID IT!!!

We all finally earned our Presidential Fitness Awards!! And, to celebrate, we got cerificates signed by Jimmy Carter 😁, fruit snacks, juicy boxes, granola bars and coffee.

Afterwards, we circled up for COT where we told everyone one thing about ourselves as adults that we think our kid selves would have been proud of or excited to know they would become. And then Name-O-Rama where we named our FNG Queso!!

Ladies, I’m proud of us today and I hope you are, too. You nailed it and, for many of us, that was our first time because we HAVE come so far since our childhoods. Love you all and thank you for helping me start my weekend with a smile!!



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