06/01/2021 - valley - Pyramid of death

AO: valley

When: 06/01/2021

QIC: Mama Bear


Number of Pax: 9

Number of FNGS: 1

Pax Names:

Hallelujah, Kodak, stitch, Mama Bear, Olivia aka Marin (fng), vontrapp, Fonda, switch back, Seinfeld


Today was brutal I think I’m out of shape lol! I was dieing not sure about the others they must have killed it because I only heard my complaints 🤣

we started at the bottom with 5 exercises 20 reps each, bgs with a one two punch at the top slow lean down with a one two hook. Plank jacks, Russian twist, mountain climbers, sumo squat burpee.

Next level is four exercises 25 reps each. Bicep curls, tricep kick backs, up right rows, resisting arrest seal claps (🤣 with or without weights pulse your arms behind your back).

Next level is three exercises 30 reps each. Suicides (low squat knee on the ground one at a time get back up), jump squats, squat to curtesy lunge.

Next level is two exercises for 35 reps. Glute bridge hold with chest press, rosy in and outs.

Final level one exercise for 40 reps. Renegade row

walk/jog/run/mosy around the big loop and then start back at the top with 40 renegade rows and then down the pyramid. We circled up for prayers and NOR naming our fng who loves mountain biking !


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